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Please, Take a moment to imagine a bathroom free of the frustration of the leaky faucets, the lack of space, the moldy grout, and set yourself in to an experience only you could find fulfilling. Maybe it's a Jacuzzi tub, with bubbles and ambiance, or it could be something out of a Kohler shower commercial. This is your bathroom, this is your dream.

We expect that you have done the research, and have found that the bathroom is now THE status symbol in a home, surpassing kitchens as the leading source of satisfaction in your home. At Budget Bath, we know that you most likely have looked at magazines, watched home improvement shows, and surfed the web to create the bathroom you desire in your own mind. We love customers, just like you.



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Understand that a bathroom remodeling project (from start to finish) includes levels of Competence, Planning, Design, and Execution. These are the areas on which someone should evaluate a remodeling contractor.

  • Competence: The contractor in quesiton needs to be evaluated on the kinds of work he can complete (and has completed). The technical features need to be looked at and capabilities for satisfaction understood. This area of evaluation is most apperant with the salesman. If a sales consultant does not have a thorough understanding of bathroom remodeling, in all of its intricacies, then the staff is surely no better.
  • Planning: This little word is an underutilized part of the bathroom remodeling process on many levels. First, the understanding of how far a toilet should be from the sink or paper roll, or where a foot rest for shaving should go in a custom shower are little details that create BIG changes in the comfort of your bathroom. Intelligent Design is EVERYTHING.
  • Design: A personal designer is the best choice for getting the asthetics lined up with the technical features, and colors need to be coordinated throughout the project. In addition, a capable designer will be able to adjust as new information is brought to his/her attention while the job is already underway. These curveballs are where good communication between project manager and personal designer are a must.
  • Create: This is "where the rubber hits the road", and having a project manager that takes all of the hopes and dreams that are created by the staff, and turning it into reality is the most difficult part of the project. The Project manager needs to have all of the information that the Salesman, and Personal Designer have and put it into action using a skilled staff of tradesman. Communication is the most important skill of a project manager, and you need to meet him.

With the challenges you can obviously see in communication, it would be best to have one person be able to do all of the jobs listed above. Imagine having your own personal designer, project manager, sales consultant, and 24/7 customer service rep all in one. You can have it all, and his name is Dave House. Take a look on your right and appreciate the various awards that Angie's List has chosen to give to us.



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